Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good morning, Rose

Rose standing sentinel.
Rose's favorite time of every day is in the morning when I open the backdoor so she can sit on the portal and watch the birds, butterflies, bees and everything else that visits the garden. Since the casita is down a private road I can leave the backdoor open, which is something I wouldn't do in Houston. There aren't any mosquitos here to invade the house. I did see a fly the other day, but those are also uncommon. So the morning ritual here is for me to spend mornings on the computer with the television on in the background and Rose to guard the house from the portal.

I hadn't seen The Grand Budapest Hotel so I rented it and watched it yesterday. It's listed as a comedy, but I thought it was more of a farce. I enjoyed how the background for director Wes Anderson's story was so symmetrical juxtaposed against the off-kilter story. What was really fun was seeing all the cameo appearances. It was a fun movie that I'm glad I saw at home instead of paying to see it in the theater.

Today I'm creating more tin jewelry and I think I'll piece together a quilt top that I have on the dining room table. The casita windows are open and it's a very sunny, cool morning.

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