Monday, July 21, 2014

Waiting on the Postal Worker

Another quilt top coming together. 
In Houston and Santa Fe the Postal Workers (I hope that's politically correct) come very late in the day. In Houston I always know when he is walking up to the mailbox because Rose starts barking. In fact, she gets in a chair in front of the window closest to the mailbox and watches for Ray, our delivery guy. But in Santa Fe, Rose can't warn me because I have to walk up the drive to check the mailbox.

I'm waiting on the Postal Worker today because s/he should be delivering the last piece of solid blue vintage chenille I need to finish piecing a quilt together (see the pic-of-the-day). This will probably be the last quilt I make for Baby Boy McZam, but I have other things to make while I'm here.

Today I'm creating a print out of several items I need. I went a computer store because the printer in the casita isn't hooked up. I thought paying for the copies would be less stressful than trying to set up the printer myself. This also meant that I would be across the street from one of my favorite places to have lunch. It's meatless Monday so I ate half of my brie, tomato and roasted pepper sandwich and brought the reset home for dinner. Yum!

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