Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A morning in the garden

Serviceberry has tasty fruit. It was brought
from the northeast to the high desert by
Native Americans. 
I had a arborist come to the casita today to check on the apricot tree. The tree, which is a huge part of the garden, is infested with borers and needs injections to get rid of them. These insects infest fruit trees such as apricots and often result in severe damage, even plant death. The first arborist referred me to another company that uses chemicals to treat the problem of borers. I certainly hope the tree isn't so damaged that it needs to be cut down.

While the arborist was in the garden he talked to me about a large shrub, which is commonly known as a serviceberry. He told me that the fruit is excellent to eat raw, tasting somewhat like a blueberry mixed with an almond-like flavor. Come to find out, George Washington planted specimens of serviceberries on his Mount Vernon estate in Virginia. The arborist was eating the berries from the tree, so I picked some, washed them, put them in a bowl with yogurt, and sprinkled some flaxseed on top. Yummy and healthy breakfast!

Today I'm creating cutouts for another quilt. I've been looking at quilts on Pinterest and Etsy for new ideas. I have some fabric with me that will be really cute on a quilt with horizontal stripes. Keep your fingers crossed that my limited math skills will do their job today.

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