Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A thought I aspire to accomplish.
I wish I had balance, but I'm all over the place right now. Mr. B is angry with me and slamming things around. I'm angry at myself and laying around. I have no energy right now. What's up with that?

The highlight of the day, as far as I'm concerned, was meeting with an interior design to talk about repainting the living and dining rooms and choosing new fabrics for furniture in those two rooms. It was a great two hour consultation and I can't wait to see the proposal and costs in a week or so. I'm reminded of the HGTV show titled Designing for the Sexes. Although I didn't care for the host of the show at all, I did like the results of bringing the husband and wive to a neutral zone with their furniture and accessories.

Today I'm creating a story pitch to a magazine. Tomorrow and Friday I'm cleaning house and getting ready for the baby shower on Saturday and Mother's Day brunch on Sunday.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is nice this weekend.

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