Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun in Santa Fe

Here's the photo I couldn't post yesterday of my first Etsy sale.
Thanks to Mr. B, this pillow is now on its way to Vermont.
Susan and I have had a fun-filled Friday afternoon, beginning with lunch at Cafe Pasquale's community table. There's nothing better than food that's fresh, seasonal and organic … unless it's chocolate cake.

We did a little walking and shopping before it started pouring down rain. It's really unusual to have a cloudy, rainy day in the high desert, but with the drought they experience here I won't complain. We would have kept going except downtown lost power. If people can't process sales, there's no reason to stay.

Today I'm creating jewelry. One of the places we went into is a rubber stamp store. They had some interesting cork paper. I bought a couple of different styles ($.10 each) to use as backgrounds for my jewelry photos. Before I can post any photos, I need to create jewelry. I also need to take some time to plan our day tomorrow. There's a ton going on in town because of the three-day holiday and the beginning of "high season" in Santa Fe. Let the festivities begin.

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