Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today is another day!

Enjoying the colorful backyard canna lilies.
Sweet Rose went to the groomers this morning. Of course she's all pretty and fluffy this afternoon, but she is also stressed out. After she got a drink of water, she jumped on the bed and started snoring. Even when I went out the back door, she elected to stay on the bed where she is napping. Tired pup!

I went out the back door and upstairs to my craft area above the garage. I gathered tins to take with me tomorrow to Santa Fe. Since it's not at all humid in the high desert (duh), finding tins there is next to impossible. I always need to take a significant supply with me.

Today I'm creating marketing proposals. Yesterday I was feeling down, but today I realized I'm not out! I went in to a clients office this morning, pitched my idea, took questions and defended my position, and walked out with not one,Sweet  but two new projects. Yes, I've still got creative chops!

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