Thursday, May 22, 2014

My first sale

Yesterday was a travel day from Houston to Santa Fe with my cousin, Susan. I think we were both apprehensive about what we would say to one another for the 13-hour drive. Not to worry. There might have been two or three minutes of silence. Otherwise we were sharing new and old stories the entire trip.

When we got to Santa Fe it was dark:30! I was anxious to see how the gardens have grown since I was at the casita about a month ago, but that wasn't possible until this morning. There are only a few bare spots. For the most part everything is green, the plants continue to grow, and some plants are blooming. I'm really excited to see a new variety of thistle that's in the garden. It's a "volunteer" that is different from what is already here. Dozens and dozens of blooms are ready to pop!

Today I'm creating my first sale on Etsy. I'm very excited. Since I'm in Santa Fe I'm forwarding shipping instructions to Mr. B. He's a trouper to take care of this for me! Susan and I had to celebrate the first of many sales to come with some mimosas. Delish!

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