Monday, May 5, 2014

Appointments with professional photographers


Yes, I'm back in the full swing of madness. It doesn't take long to feel the pressure and stress of reality when I return to Houston.

For example, I've had a crazy time trying to schedule a photographer. I was given the name of a photographer to use. First he says OK. Then when I contact him after he is supposed to have taken the photos he tells me he hasn't shot anything, but he is one of only three photographers in Houston who can shoot the quality needed. (What an ego!) I scramble and get another photographer to meet the quick  deadline. Next, since I was told by the client to use this certain photographer, I try to schedule him again. This time he tells me he's not available and what I'm asking for isn't really what he "prefers" to shoot. Really? Why didn't he tell me the first time? I'm asking someone to shoot exteriors (no interior lighting and staging needed) that will be used in ads that appear in national publications. Sorry that Mr. Ego can't accommodate me. NOT! Moving on ...

Today I'm creating a less stressful evening than my day has been. My evening will hopefully include margaritas and mayhem in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Ole!  

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