Friday, May 16, 2014

Fried Day

The guest room at the casita where Susan will call home.
For any of my Houston friends who wonder why I spend July and August in Santa Fe, NM, open your front doors. We have been having the most beautiful weather in Houston and this is what I experience in Santa Fe when I'm there during the summer months. In fact, July is typically the hottest month in the high desert. By mid-August, when I begin thinking about my journey back to H-town, it starts cooling down, way down, in the desert.

One of my favorite stories is how one year Mr. B and I got up to drive back to Houston. It was 49 degrees when we left Santa Fe around 7 a.m. When we reached Houston around 9 p.m. that night it was 94 degrees. Another one of my favorite stories is leaving Santa Fe to come back to Houston and getting here just in time for Hurricane Ike to hit the coast. I could have stayed in Santa Fe where it was cool and the humidity was super low. Instead I came back to Houston and lived without electricity for 13 days.

Today I'm creating edits to an ad, and looking forward to next Wednesday when I'm heading back to the high desert for another 10 days. It's good to be me!

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