Friday, May 2, 2014

My last day in the high desert … for a couple of weeks

I love the funky flowers on these pop art earrings.
This morning I went to the Tesuque Flea Market that is north of town on an Indian Reservation. Friend Debbie was looking for a rug for her place in Santa Fe and there is a man at the market who has the most beautiful rugs imported from Pakistan. He was open for business although it's still low season in Santa Fe and there aren't too many booths open.

One of my favorite vendors at Tesuque is from Africa. When it gets too cold in Santa Fe this man returns to his village in Africa to buy merchandise to bring back here. He is one of the people from whom I purchase Indigo fabric. He has some great pieces today, at a new price that's about 33 percent more than last year. OUCH! When I come back here in about two weeks The Flea, which is another market south of town, should be open. There is a couple there who also import Indigo. I'm hoping their prices will be better.

Today I'm creating a day of shopping with friends. Since Mr. B and I are leaving for Houston in the morning, I should be cleaning the casita, but it's just too beautiful outside.

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