Thursday, May 29, 2014

A change in plans

Ladybugs all in the casita garden. So cute!
Susan and I had dinner tonight at the most popular Mexican food restaurant in town: The Shed. We both commented how TexMex isn't the same at Mexican food. I mean, what kind of TexMex restaurant doesn't have chips and queso? Yet The Shed serves garlic toast instead of queso. What? The food was excellent as was noted by the fact that Susan and I both had "happy plates," but we still prefer TexMex.

We also spent a little bit of time walking around The Plaza. There's so little grass in New Mexico, yet The Plaza has grass that is so green and luscious. This is another example of the government telling residents to do one thing (don't plant grass because it takes so much water to keep it alive) yet doing just the opposite.

Today I'm creating an e-blast and proofing some things. Susan and I decided at dinner tonight to change our plans. We were planning to leave on Saturday for Houston, but have switched to leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon. That way we can drive to LaGrange, spend the night, and visit the quilt museum on Saturday. Looking forward to it.

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