Sunday, May 18, 2014

A day of home repairs

I originally bought these chairs to use in SFe,
but they were too large. Now what?
Mr. B was up and at it early this morning. He manages the house across the street for a woman who lives in ABQ. She is a doctor who moved from Houston to Denver and then to ABQ. I honestly don't think she'll be back to Houston, but that's not my decision. In the meantime, Mr. B is the property manager and takes care of collecting rent and making repairs. Today there were many repairs that needed to be completed. As long as he was making repairs to the house across the street, we needed to replace the toilet in the guest bathroom in our house.

I was able to escape to brunch with Sweetness and Raff. Then we went to look at a house for them to rent. I feel sorry for the two of them because they don't have any debt or a credit history, which means leasing is difficult. I went along today in case they needed a co-signer.

Today I'm creating nothing. That's my story!

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