Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Too much celebrating

This sculpture in our living room
depicts exactly how I'm feeling today.
It has been a long time since Mr. B and I tied one on as we did last night. Although the math doesn't work, here's how the evening added up. A two hour wait at El Tiempo on Montrose for a table plus three margaritas without eating equaled four tipsy people.

I went out to look at some artwork tonight without Mr. B because he is at an OTC dinner. I haven't had dinner tonight. While I'm not interested in drinking a margarita, I would like some Mexican food. That, however, would require me getting dressed, which I'm not willing to do. Hopefully Mr. B will call me on his way home to see if I want anything. Actually, it's probably too late to eat now.

Today I'm creating a check list for a baby shower. Although my name isn't on the invitation as a hostess, it sure does seem like I'm doing lots of planning.

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