Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still with the rain, and fun

Columbine growing in the high desert shade.
This afternoon I took Susan to one of my favorite stores in Santa Fe. It's called Recollections and the merchandise is upscale resale and consignment. When Mr. B and I first started coming to Santa Fe, it was just a small store in the Railroad District. Then it moved. Then it expanded. And now it's doubling in size. Through the transitions, it still has wonderful smalls as well as art, rugs, furniture, etc.

After that we went to the 5th annual Santa Fe Fiber Arts Festival at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, which is a Spanish-colonial ranch and living history museum south of Santa Fe. There were demonstrations of sheep shearing, wool washing, spinning, dyeing and more, as well as weavings, clothing, supplies, textiles and much more to buy from more than 20 local wool producers and fiber artisans.

Today I'm creating clean clothes before an evening of movies. I went to Albertson's this afternoon to get supplies for Memorial Day. While there I also got two movies: The Book Thief (great film) and Invisible Woman (for tomorrow). And a bottle of Jose Cuervo margaritas. It's raining and we have all the supplies needed for a perfect evening.


  1. Was Susan suitably impressed with the fiber artist and how much work they do?

    1. We were both impressed. Susan kept saying how much you would love it.