Thursday, May 15, 2014

Movie night

These mojitos look very refreshing!
My big toes were looking scuffed and I have an event tonight. I didn't have time to get a pedicure so I did as all women do … I pulled out my polishes and touched up my big toes. Ladies, you know you have done it before! My problem is that I sometimes have a problem distinguishing colors, especially when they involve red or green. So, I'm not sure that I didn't just put hot pink on my big toes while the rest of my eight little piggies are orange. I guess I should paint over the other nails, also, just to be on the safe side.

I felt bad today after whining to a friend and then finding out that another couple I know and care about have split. Or do we now call it consciously uncoupling? This situation reinforces to me that I should appreciate what I have and complain less!

Today I'm creating movie night for my client. This happens bi-monthly and the films are usually interesting, but I'm not sure about this month's documentary that deals with the benefits of plant-based foods. Yes, this type of diet is healthy, but I would rather have two bites of something that is really tasty rather than a plate full of food that tastes like cardboard. However, to go along with movie night, in addition to the popcorn and concession candy that is usually available, I've added apples with yogurt and carrots with hummus to this evenings menu. I'll probably sit on the back row and drink my wine and eat a Kit Kat. Yum!

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