Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A new friend

Could this little guy be a Maltese?
Yesterday while I was gardening, a man who is renting a home down the road came to the gate. I talked to him for a few minutes and then he brought his little dog over to meet Rose. Since I've been here I've heard barking from a little dog, which I had assumed was across the road from the casita in one of the townhomes. Come to find out, it was the man's little dog, who he puts outside on a leash when he isn't home. Susan and I could hear the dog barking and crying most of yesterday when we were at the casita. So sad!

This morning when we got up and opened the windows, the little dog was barking again. I walked down the road to find him leashed to a window with a bowl of water set out. You can see from the pic-of-the-day that this is a tiny little love bug who isn't meant to be left outside for any length of time. Why doesn't the man have a metal crate where he can put the dog when he isn't home? Anyway, I unleashed the little fellow and he has been spending the day in the casita with Susan, Rose and me. Right now he is asleep in Susan's lap while she plays on her iPad. I just can't leave the little fellow outside. When the man comes home and starts searching for his dog, he'll probably get an ear full from the cousins!

Today I'm creating jewelry. I haven't really made much even though it was my goal. I guess I should mention that I've created several Facebook postings for clients, also.

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