Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alone Time

Ferns in the front yard are loving the weather.
I'm home alone tonight. Mr. B is out with friends and probably won't be home until 10 p.m. or so. When Roz was alive and Mr. B was away for the evening, I would take the opportunity to enjoy the food of her people, which Mr. B doesn't care to eat. But I wasn't in the mood tonight so I ate a salad with salmon. To say the least, it left me longing for real food!

It was a rainy day in Houston, which seemed to match my mood. Oh, there is plenty I could do around the house, but I decided to ignore all of my responsibilities and just watch bad television.

Today I'm creating not much. I did write a testimonial and a couple of social media posts for clients. I also wrote an e-blast that is scheduled to go out tomorrow. My dad was only about a year older than me when he was forced into retirement. He was miserable. I don't think I'm adjusting to a lesser work load any better than he did.

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