Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An afternoon at the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe

Selfie with Susan inside the Folk Art Museum.
Susan and I spent a couple of hours in the Folk Art Museum this afternoon. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the city. I always take people there and, so far, no one has had anything but wonderful things to say about the exhibits. The book and gift shops are also fun. Today I found some cute postcards.

Last night we dined (?) on our homemade burgers along with baked sweet potato fries while watching The Invisible Woman. It's an indie film about Charles Dickins and his mistress … or at least one of them. Interesting film, if you like period dramas.

Today I'm creating some time in the garden. I bought some small Japanese Indigo plants earlier this week and it was finally dry enough today to put them in the garden. This annual plant has been used for centuries in Japan and Southeast Asia and when the leaves are bruised or frosted, they turn navy blue, revealing the indigo pigment inside. I'm fascinated with indigo fabrics and hope to dye some fabric myself.

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