Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time for catch up

Rose after swimming in the pool.
Susan and I left Santa Fe, NM around noon on Friday and made it to Fredericksburg, TX by bedtime. As usual, Rose was the perfect traveller; she slept in the backseat most of the time.

On Saturday morning we toured Fredericksburg. I hadn't been there in about five years and was amazed at how Main Street has been redeveloped. Then it was on to LaGrange to the Texas Quilt Museum, which was a beautifully restored old building. There were three rooms of quilts, most of which featured butterflies. They were for a competition celebrating the competition of the butterfly garden next door. On the other side of the museum was a terrific little shop filled with knitting and quilting supplies. I could have spent hours in there. Next it was on to Katy to drop off Susan at her daughter's home. Rose went in the backyard and almost immediately jumped in the pool. Not once, but twice. Each time she jumped in she went completely under water and came up paddling. Susan jumped in after Rose twice. Rose came out of the pool just as happy as she could be, wagging her little nubby tail. Susan came out of the pool looking like she was a participant in a wet t-shirt contest.

Today I'm creating a day of rest. I literally slept most of the day. Thanks to Mr. B for keeping the house quiet.

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