Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

It's Friday afternoon, and Mr. B and I have made the drive to Austin for Katie Lou Phillips wedding to Andrew Jaco. (The partying begins tonight and the wedding is tomorrow night.)  We have checked in to the Double Tree and have a courtyard facing room. Today's picture shows the view out of our balcony. As you can see, the sky is quite gray. In fact, it's supposed to rain tonight and all day tomorrow. Poor Katie has planned an outdoor ceremony. I'm not sure of her backup plan.

This is also the weekend of the Pecan Street Festival in Austin. My friend and former teacher Ann Rush is so excited because she is a participant in the festival. I'm afraid it will be rained out tomorrow, but Sunday should be nice. It's a smaller festival that Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, plus it's more of an arts & crafts fair instead of a fine art festival. Still, I'm very proud of her for participating!

Today I'm creating time for a nap in the car while Mr. B does all the driving. He was listening to Killing Lincoln read by Bill O'Reilly. Six discs set. During our three-hour drive we only got through the first two discs. I guess I know what we'll be listening to on the way back to Houston. But now, it's happy hour at the Double Tree ... got to go!

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