Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

Funny cartoon. Reminds me of something
Rose would do to Roz, if Rose had hands.
So far it's a quiet day at the Pettit house, although I have a meeting regarding the shower I'm planning with for my goddaughter in about an hour. Planning a shower with people you don't know is challenging. Fortunately I'm the head hostesses so I have some say about what happens.

Last night Mr. B and I went to a party at a couple's house. They were celebrating the completion of their new deck. Some people will use any excuse for a party! It was a fun event with lots of good snacks, as well as people from the 'hood as well as the advertising world.

Today I'm creating more time for sewing. Besides the t-shirt quilt, I need to make two aprons, finish two pillows and make another one. AND, I'm part of a trunk show on Oct. 7, for which I need to make items. Busy times ahead until the Pettits head to the high dessert for an extended Thanksgiving.

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