Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Front of t-shirt quilt. I'll finish quilting it tonight.
Do we think it's excessive that I spend four to six hours a day on volunteer work? For sure!  I'm finished with today's volunteer work, but tomorrow morning I have an 8 a.m. conference call that involves Bayou City Art Festival. The good thing is that the call will be finished by 8:30 a.m. I'll still be in my pajamas and can go back to sleep.

I did take time this afternoon to get a mani/pedi with Dr. Mc, which was very delightful. Pink finger nails and gold toe nails. Very cute. This weekend is Katie Lou's wedding to Andrew in Austin, so we're beginning the pampering. I'm looking forward to being on a mini vacation with Mr. B.

Today I'm creating the finished t-shirt quilt. The backing is attached and I'm about half through with the machine quilting. Oh happy day!

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