Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

Could I find a
smaller photo?
It was a very productive meeting last night with the Women of Wine auction committee. Lots of good ideas discussed and lots of contacts for the committee members to make today. Go ladies!

After the auction committee meeting, Dancing with the Stars was on. I had my three favorite competitors from last night, although the judges didn't agree with me in their scoring. Shawn Johnson was fabulous! Apolo Anton Ohno was fabulous! Emmitt Smith was fabulous. I don't know which one of the three I liked more, but the judges gave Emmitt the highest score. Dr. Mc was watching with me, and we agreed that Apolo and Emmitt have superfine bottoms. As far as we are concerned, Bristol Palin (although better than her first time) and Pamela Anderson (as bad as last time) should be the first to go. I wish tonight was a double elimination.

Today I'm creating a newsletter for my Tuesday client. I'm meeting a friend after work today for some girl talk. Of course we'll be having a class or two of vino. And I picked the location with a television in the bar area so I can watch the results of DWTS.

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