Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

My favorite dress from the 2012 Emmys.
I loved watching the Emmys last night, especially all the fashions. I have my favorites, and so do the so called "experts." Tonight, after a meeting with my auction committee and watching the first episode of Dancing with the Stars All Stars, I'm going to watch the entertainment shows with their fashion reviews. One thing for sure, I liked all the bright colors. Burgundy. Yellow. Blue. Green. Very colorful.

I had a noon meeting about collateral for the Women of Wine auction. I thought everything was good,  but now there are revisions. It certainly helps when everyone gets in a room together to discuss what needs to get done. So much better than emails flying back and forth.

Today I'm creating revisions to auction materials for Women of Wine. I got a note today that the fabric for the back of the t-shirt quilt I'm creating will arrive tomorrow. YES! I hope to finish the quilt on Wednesday so I can move on to sewing aprons.

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