Monday, September 30, 2013

Two weeks and counting

Great vintage jewelry box to use in my displays.
Yes, it's only two weeks until the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown. That meant three meetings for me today. But first, I had time to be upstairs in my studio to finish organizing fabrics. There's still some furniture up there that will be part of an estate sale in November. Then I'll have more room to completely finish what needs to be done. But for now, I can start sewing and making jewelry. I'm so happy to see the floor and the top of the table where I sew.

Roz has developed a very bad limp on her right leg. I have taken her to the vet before because she was limping. According to Dr. Duncan, because the Shih Tzu breed has shorter legs in the front than in the back, they can easily dislocate a shoulder or elbow. I'm afraid that's what she has done again. Yesterday and today we have carried her outside, set her down in the grass, waited for her to do her "business," and carried her back inside. So sad for her!

Today I'm creating a meatless Monday dinner. I've been talking about this for months, but Mr. B just got the idea today. Go figure.

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