Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crazy, busy day

Saw this rocker today and thought it matched
a Stickley chair at the house, but no.
Oh. My. Gosh. If there isn't already enough on my October calendar, my Tuesday client added several new events to my calendar. I love the work, but also enjoy sleeping every once in awhile. Right now I'm resting until after dinner when I'm going to go upstairs and sew. When I was organizing my studio, I found several bags that I started, but didn't complete. Those are my projects for this afternoon.

While searching for a mirror for my client's office, I found another vintage suitcase. Great price and size. The outside is classic and weathered, and the inside is damn near perfect. I also found a couple of crates that I'm going to have Mr. B alter just a bit for me. One is sturdy, but the other needs to be stabilized. Then I'm going to ask him to put a small wooden dowel in the inside at the top so I can hook necklaces. Should be a cute display.

Today I'm creating mailers, ads and an e-blast. Tomorrow I should have some pics
to post.

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