Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain is good. Flooding is not.

The Suffers make the news.
The forecast is for rain today and tomorrow in Houston. This is great, but the forecast is also for flooding in parts of town. Fortunately the 'hood where Mr. B and I live is in a non-flood area. But when other parts of Houston flood it's hard for Mr. B to get home from work. We're planning to attend a reception and an open house tonight, which might not happen if the weather doesn't improve.

My #1 son-in-law Nick and other members of The Suffers have a great write-up in 002 magazine in Houston. The extremely handsome Nick is on the far left and his cutie-patootie brother Alex is second from the right with his hand in the air. Always front and center is the fabulous miz-thang, Kam Franklin. The Suffers will be playing in Austin tonight. I hope they have a safe trip and better weather than we're having in Houston.

Today I'm creating two e-blasts (done) and washing clothes (next on my list). I might as well be productive since I'll be in the house all day.

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