Monday, September 16, 2013

Rain in the Houston Heights

Seeing this old bike reminds me that I need to have the tires
on my bike filled. It's getting cool enough to ride a bike.
I've attended three meetings so far today and have one more to go. As a result of wearing wedges, my legs are so tired right now. My feet don't hurt. Just my legs.

It rained quite a bit today, which was really nice. The temperature dropped to the low 80s, although it didn't feel any cooler because of the humidity. I'm watching the weather report right now and there is a weak front that's supposed to be heading to Houston. Our first fall front.

Today I'm creating a short write-up about a friend's yard. A group is go
ing to look at his trees that are protected landmarks. It was a first for me to write about a yard.

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