Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun day

Nana's little red travel case and two old jewelry boxes.
I had lunch today with Mitzie, which is always fun. We hadn't seen each other since before I left for Santa Fe. She spent much of her summer in Salina, KS, with her mom (Connie or Mims). The plan was to move Mims into a retirement community, but instead she got really ill. She was in the hospital and then rehab and is has now finally moved into her apartment. So Mitzie was back and forth to Salina taking care of her mom, and packing and moving her into the apartment. We agreed that my summer in Santa Fe was probably more fun.

Mitzie brought me a little red suitcase or travel case that belonged to her grandmother (Dorothy or Nana). Nana was an incredibly independent, intelligent, no-nonsense and outspoken woman who we all adored. Mitzie knew I was looking at old suitcases and she brought Nana's to me. I love it, as did people in the cafe where we were having lunch. Several people commented on the little case.

Today I'm creating an afternoon of resale and thrift store shopping. I found two vintage jewelry boxes that I will use along with the suitcases for my displays. Still no word about the Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival, but I'm keeping a positive attitude and moving forward.

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