Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Day!

Artwork of Syn Moen, featured artist at the upcoming festival.
Except for my iffy stomach, it was a very productive day and so much was accomplished. Smoothing feathers. Calming nerves. Making people smile and laugh. And creating future plans. Today was great.

Back to my iffy tummy, which was not so great. Since the first of the year I've revised my eating habits, but threw caution out the door last night. Dinner, although so yummy, was probably too rich. A perfectly grilled filet by the grill master himself (Mr. B). Cheese grits (by moi) made from combined Martha Stewart and Paula Dean recipes. The mandatory stick of butter came from Paula Dean and rich cream from Martha Stewart, plus the upgrade of cheeses. I mean, who wants simple cheddar when Gruyere, parmesan and white cheddar can be mixed?

Today I'm creating magic with the staff at Bayou City Art Festival. Just three weeks until the Downtown Festival and there is so much to do. It was fun hanging out with them today.

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