Friday, September 13, 2013

A low-key weekend

I'm excited about the upcoming weekend because I'm going to spend it organizing my craft area. I have purchased inexpensive shelving from Target that Mr. B is going to put them together for me. Then I'm going to organize my fabrics. Once I get the fabrics organized then I can tackle all the tins. I haven't sewn anything or made tin jewelry for a week, since I've been home from the high desert. Time to get back in the groove.

My calendar is filling up quickly. The fall is always a busy time. It will be especially busy this fall if (when) I'm accepted into the Santa Fe Recycle Market that takes place in mid-November. It's a lot simpler to create if I'm organized before the mayhem starts.

Today I'm creating a lunch meeting to discuss the upcoming Bayou City Art Festival/Downtown. It's crunch time!

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