Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The trip back to Houston

Half way home to the Houston house and Mr. B.
The girls and I left the casita this morning with the backend of the Explorer filled. Of course, there was a cleared spot so Rose could stretch out in front of the back seat air conditioning vents. Roz always lays on the driver's left leg. I'm tired, but the girls slept the entire time, except when I stopped for gas and I would take them on a short walk. We drove south on Hwy. 285 until we reached I-10, where we turned left and kept driving.

Before we left the casita, I watched Good Morning America to see who was included in the new cast of Dancing With The Stars. I don't know two thirds of the so called "stars" on the show. This season it seems like the dancers are more well known than the actual "stars." Perhaps the show should be renamed Dancing With The Wannabes.

Today I'm creating a eight-hour drive from Santa Fe, NM to Sonora, TX. I'm exhausted from driving, but will get up in the morning and drive another five hours or so.

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