Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TLP only has eyes for his great-
grandmother's necklace.
I love this photo of TLP and his great-grandmother. Iris is Big Daddy's grandmother who moved to Houston from Park City, Utah several years ago. She lives just a few blocks from Big Daddy's parents who keep TLP on Tuesdays. She often visits them and sees TLP on Tuesdays.

Iris has a colorful toy in her hand, but in typical fashion TLP is going for her necklace. I'm sure he was trying to put the bling in his mouth. After he finished with the necklace he probably went for her eye glasses and/or earrings.

Today I'm creating blogs, two bios and a press release. I was in and out of the office while it was raining and got soaked at least five times. I'm now home with dry cloths on, which feels really nice. Once again it's raining so hard that parts of Houston are flooding. At some point tonight the news stations will take over with non-stop weather reports. Thank goodness for cable television.

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