Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last night TLP took eating his first
piece of bread very seriously.
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Dr. Mc works 10 hours on Monday through Thursday and has Fridays off. This means that on the days I stay with Aulay, he arrives in the house very early. I don't think he was ready to wake up this morning because he immediately went back to sleep. And so did I.

This morning the weather forecaster said that the high temperature would be 94 degrees, but with whatever and whatever factored in it would seem like 104 degrees. It's going to be a scorcher and just too hot for fair-skinned people, such as TLP and his grandmother, to go outside. He is dressed in a sleeveless romper. For me? I'm still in my sleepy shorts and t-shirt. I'm pretty sure that we will stay inside, sitting on a quilt under the ceiling fan, playing with our toys all day. I need to enjoy this time before he starts crawling and I have to chase him around the house.

Today I'm creating blogs. Maybe I've developed a rhythm for writing blogs for others. I've learned new software and even helped someone else with a problem yesterday. I'm feeling proud that this ole dog learned a new trick.

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