Friday, June 12, 2015

More than two dozen burp cloths ready to go.
I ran errands this morning before it got too hot. My plan to stay cool was working until I had to dig in the garage this afternoon. It's hot, hot, hot in Houston and even hotter in our over-filled garage. Fortunately Big Daddy came out to help me in the garage or else I would have melted by now. My age. My weight. The temperature and humidity. All of these probably contribute to the "power surges" I'm continuing to experience.

My question for today is this: How does Walmart stay in business? I'll only go to Walmart if it is absolutely necessary, and that happened twice this week. Wednesday I was in the store looking for cloth diapers to use as the base for my burp cloths. I asked a stocker in the baby area where I could find the cloth diapers. She told me that they don't care cloth diapers. She even asked a colleague, who confirmed that Walmart doesn't carry cloth diapers. I knew this wasn't true because I checked online. Sure enough, with a little more aisle surfing on my part, I found about a dozen packages of plain white cloth diapers. Last night I ordered a 4' x 20" folding table from Walmart so it would be ready for me to pick up at the store. I was supposed to get a text message when it was ready. When I didn't receive one, I drove to Walmart to get it and canceled my online order to get one in the store. After I was home with the table, I got an email stating that the store I went to didn't have that size folding table in stock. Not only did they have the one I bought two hours earlier, but there were also five more on the shelf. Again, how does Walmart stay in business?

Today I'm creating a sample display area in my living room before breaking it down and setting up at the venue tonight. I certainly hope the AC is working in the show venue!

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