Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Being busier than I have been in the past five years isn't good for my blog postings. Now a client wants me to write and post blogs for his company. I can always write about my life, but writing articles that the general public will read can be challenging. Today when I asked (in jest) if I could use a picture of Mr. Baby on a client post, I got over-the-glasses look of "no."
After TLP's bath on Sunday night, I brushed
his hair to the side. He looked like such a
little man.

I'm taking a shortcut on some aprons I'm making for Father's Day. While online last weekend, I found that I could buy pre-made aprons for less than I could make them. What I want to do is add pockets out of fun fabrics (Rockets, Texans, fishing, barbecue, etc.). So I got some pre-made aprons, will sew the fun pockets on them, and price them for this weekend's craft market at a more affordable price.

Today I'm creating blogs, baby blankets, and barbecue aprons. Mr. Baby is with Big Daddy's parents on Tuesdays, so I will go home to quiet house.

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