Thursday, June 11, 2015

Six Father's Day bibbed aprons with various
pockets: silly cowboys, sports, etc. pockets.
A work associate told me yesterday that I have a great laugh, although it's somewhat mischievous. This made me think about my father who loved to tell stories and laughed with his whole body. He had a terrific sense of humor and his laugh was very contagious. I miss him every day!

After work yesterday, I came home and made aprons for dads. My sewing machine was acting up so it took me much longer to finish the aprons than I expected, but I'm pleased with the finished product.

Today I'm creating burp cloths, I hope. Work keeps getting in the way of my crafting, which is another reason I should have started sewing sooner for this weekend's craft show. I have to finish sewing today so I can look at the tin jewelry I have available and make more, as needed.

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