Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As usual I've procrastinated in preparing for the show and sale I'm participating in this Saturday. In one way this is bad because I could have made so many more items, yet in another way it's good that I've procrastinated because I really don't have room to store what I don't sell on Saturday.

Yesterday, as I was making baby blankets, I thought about my paternal grandmother and mother. Making the blankets is a family tradition that was started by my grandmother who later taught my mother to sew. The blankets are simple to make while at the same time so adorably sweet. My grandmother and mother trimmed the edges of the ones they made with crochet. My crocheting is terrible (or non-existent) so the blankets I make are double sided and top stitched around the edge.

Today I'm creating blurp cloths and barbecue aprons. Before I start sewing I'll be doing some writing. Thanks to Big Daddy Nick for setting up the television in my craft room so I can enjoy background noise while I'm sewing.

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