Monday, June 15, 2015

In preparation for the dangerous tropical storm that is in the Gulf of Mexico, I went to the grocery store around noon today. There were at least two billion other people there who have been watching the exaggerated weather predictions I've seen. Water and batteries were almost gone, but I was able to stock up on important non-persible items. Potato chips. Chex mix. Wheat Thins and every other sort of cracker. Tuna. Grapes. My theory is that if we lose power, I'll be prepared with all sorts of junk food. Tonight I'm sending Mr. B to the liquor store to purchase the other essentials for a power outage: liquor.

I remember when Ike was heading to the Gulf Coast I was in the car driving to Houston from Santa Fe, NM. Why would I leave a land-locked state when there was a hurricane heading to Houston? We were 13 days without power after Ike. Our fingers are crossed that, as I expect, the weather forecasters are overstating what is going to happen this week.

Today I'm creating minutes for a board meeting I didn't attend and also writing a couple of blog postings. I know there were more creative endeavors involved in my day, but right now they escape me.

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