Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm sitting on the floor again with Mr. Baby. One of his favorite activities is to sit on the floor on his dinosaur mat, surrounded by his toys and quilts (the quilts are in case he falls backward). He isn't crawling, but has learned that he can get wherever he wants by rolling. Right now he has rolled off the mat and quilts onto the rug trying to get to Rose.

Rose isn't sure about TLP. When he first came home from the hospital she was very curious about whatever it was that was taking my attention away from her. Then she got used to having him around. Now she isn't sure what to think when he rolls around. Rose was sleeping peacefully a few minutes ago until TLP rolled onto him. Fortunately, Rose is the sweetest ole dog. EVER. She loves to give TLP kisses and never messes with his toys, which are good things.

Today I'm creating an e-blast and FB postings before spending the afternoon on the floor with Mr. Baby and Rose. I hope the three of us can find time for a nap this afternoon.

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