Saturday, June 27, 2015

It has taken me a day to recover from an afternoon of shopping with Dr. Mc, Sweetness and TLP. Yesterday we were looking for a dress, shoes and jewelry for Sweetness to wear in her engagement photo. I'm determined to get pictures taken. Sooner rather than later. We're now a step closer.

Our shopping expedition didn't start out well because not long after we got in the car we started arguing about where we were going. We decided on The Galleria and I'm happy to say that, with time, we were able to find everything. It's hard keeping up with the lovely McCarley sisters. They divide and conquer the racks, leaving me in the dust. Probably the hardest thing for me was spending time in the Nordstrom's shoe department, during a sale, and not buying anything for myself.

Today I'm creating a day on the couch. I just realized that I'm leaving for SFe in a week. Can't wait! The pic-of-the-day is of The Richards' garden in SFe. Look at the beautiful lilies!

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