Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mr. Baby on a play date with his little buddy
John Robert Taylor Stallings. Handsome boys!
This morning I got myself and TLP dressed so I could be at a doctor's appointment by 10 a.m. Only problem is that my appointment is NEXT Thursday. The receptionist, who isn't very friendly, told me to sit down and she would put me on the schedule for 11 a.m. today. Right. I'm going to wait in the doctor's office for one hour with a baby. No thank you.

So instead of sitting in the doctors office, we drove across town to see Mitzi and John Robert. I've written about my friend Mitzie many times. About three weeks ago she started staying with her grandson, John Robert, when his mom went back to work. The boys had a little time to chat before John Robert went to bed for his morning nap. But for awhile, it was fun to see the boys interacting with each other.

Today I'm creating a good time with Mr. Baby. Mitzie and I agree that it was much easier taking care of kids 30-35 years ago when our bodies were more cooperative. At one point this morning we were both on the floor with the boys and weren't sure how we were going to get up.

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