Sunday, November 30, 2014

Festive holiday burp cloths

This is our last day at the casita. I'm both sad and excited. It's always depressing to close up Pettita Casita and leave the high desert. At the same time, I need to get back to Houston and spend time hugging and kissing The Little Prince.

I've had such a great time sewing and have gotten so much done because there are so few distractions at the casita. The phone rarely rings. There is only one neighbor on the private road. Unless out-of-town guests come to stay with me while I'm here, I seldom leave the casita. This might seem boring, but I really enjoy my alone time with my projects (and beautiful garden during the summer).

Today I'm creating adorable holiday burp cloths. Four down and six to go. Tonight Mr. B and I are having dinner with Leslie and Dick. I went to high school with Leslie and hadn't seen her in decades. We became Facebook friends and she talked about buying a house in Santa Fe. Last summer she and her husband bought a casita about four or five blocks from ours. Its time for the hubbies to meet.

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