Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another cold, quiet day

I'm so proud of Mr. B! He finished painting the inside of the garage apartment last night. Today he is tackling more neglected upstairs projects. The disposal needs to be replaced, as do the toilet and tub faucet. I told him that when he was finished with all the projects I was going to make the upstairs my man cave.

We have decided it's finally time to replace the 2000 Explorer. In the 15 years I've owned it, we have made numerous trips Austin (when Dr. Mc was attending UT) and several trips to Denver (where she attended graduate school). We made several trips to Denton to see Sweetness when she was attending UNT. And we have driven to and from Santa Fe at least three times a year since 2007. Even though the Explorer has been a very dependable car, I'm ready for a new SUV. Actually, if I wasn't such a gypsy — always hauling something or other — I'd buy a car instead of an SUV.

Today I'm creating dinner. It's cold and damp outside, which sounds like the perfect day to cook something low and slow in a large pot. I'm also going to watch at least part of the Texans game while I continue organizing my studio.

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