Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

How did it get so cold so fast? I was surprised at the crispness in the air this morning. I'm hearing that it will get even colder tonight.

Last night it was cold outside, but hot in the house. I don't think the central air and heat vents in the house were properly installed. During the winter some of the rooms are hot and others are cold. In the summer the back of the house is always hot. A contributing factor to the problem might be that the 100+ year-old house is on pier and beam (air gets under the house) plus there is a lack of insulation in the walls.

Today I'm creating a trip to the store to get supplies for a small event at a client's office. First I had lunch with a friend who is celebrating her birthday today. Next I went to the huge HEB on Dunlavy and W. Alabama to get the needed party supplies. After I dropped them off I went to DSW. I'm not sure if it is fortunate or unfortunate that the only things I got for myself at DSW were socks. I did see the Little Prince for his 5 p.m. feeding. He is even cuter today than he was yesterday, if that is possible.

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