Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Aulay, Day 78

The little man's feeding tube was taken out yesterday. Look at that handsome little face! So many people who look at my daily blogs (or at least the photos) have said how chubby the little man is getting and how great he looks. You are so right. The countdown is truly on for his release from the hospital. It seems so appropriate since this is election day to mention FDR's campaign song, "Happy Days are Here Again." This is the tune I sing to myself whenever I think about Aulay's release from the hospital.

Speaking of Democrats, for anyone who saw my picture on Facebook last night with the lovely McCarley sisters and Wendy Davis, I'm sure you are thinking, "What the <insert the expletive here>." Yes, this Republican organized and attended a Wendy Davis rally last night, but please don't hold it against me. I have a lot of respect for the woman, who at one time was also a Republican. Question: Does it speak to my character that I'll do anything for money, including organize and attend a rally for a Democrat?

Today I'm creating assistance with a press release and then I'm going to vote. I'm also taking Rose to the groomer (she is so stinky) and spending an hour or so with my handsome grandson. Thanks, again, to everyone who has been following his progress and sending prayers and well wishes. Your continued support has meant the world to me! Dr. Mc and Big Daddy also read the blogs and comments you send. The baby's hospital journey is coming to an end soon, and this family couldn't be happier!

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