Monday, November 3, 2014

Aulay, Day 77

It takes forever for the little man to finish a bottle. AND, he still doesn't like to burp. This morning he was awake when I got to the hospital. I changed his diaper, took his temperature, and talked to him for awhile. Then when I started feeding him, the little man went to sleep. I had to keep waking him up to feed him. He still doesn't like to burp and will fall asleep while I am rubbing or patting his back. I think it's time he started eating when he is hungry instead of being on a schedule of eating every three hours.

Also, he may be having a problem pooping. He was grunting and turning red in the face for at least 30 minutes before finally pooping so little. Poor little man.

Today I'm creating an afternoon of running around to get food and flowers for a political rally this evening. I guess Mr. B will have to record Dancing with the Stars for me.

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