Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday before Thanksgiving in the high desert

Today is a happy day because I'm with Mr. B and Rose at Casita Pettita, which may be my favorite place on earth. Today is also a reflective day because my mom died on Nov. 25, 2001.

She was a complicated woman who I didn't always understand or get along with, yet I have grown to appreciate her more as I've gotten older.
What I appreciate most is that she was a terrific homemaker! She loved to cook, especially for holidays and for a crowd. She enjoyed having family around and would plan for months before holidays. If she knew you liked a certain dessert she would make sure it was ready for you when you got to her house. She was a fabulous seamstress who could make anything I showed her, whether she had a pattern or not. She could also knit and crochet. And I wish I had half of her organizational skills. Every drawer in her house was orderly. There was no such thing as a "junk drawer" in her house. Clothes were hung in her closets by item, length of sleeve, and color. Her shoes were kept in boxes in the top of her closet and label so she knew what was inside. Her Christmas shopping was often completed by mid-year, if not sooner. Unlike me, she could always tell you where to find a pair of scissors and a roll of tape.

Today I'm creating more burp cloths, and I can't help but think about Mother. She would have adored knitting or crocheting blankets for her seven great-grandchildren and sewing for them. Unfortunately she didn't live long enough to hold any of them, although I know she and many others are watching over them. Rest in peace, Mother.

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