Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 85; Aulay has left the building!

Last night I looked at more than 300 photos and videos that Aulay's family shared on iCloud since the day he was born. I cried the most at the 1:12 minute video Big Daddy took that first day when the nurses brought Aulay to meet his parents. You could hear in Nick's voice how astonished he was that Aulay was so tiny. Dr. Mc was hesitant to touch Aulay because he was so small and there were so many wires attached to him. To look at the photos and videos made me cry tears of joy. I'm so excited for the life of this little prince. What a miracle!

I know in my soul that Aulay is a special little boy who was given to Kendall and Nick for a reason. We may not know the purpose of Aulay's life yet, but my heart tells me that he will be a loving and caring man, as are his parents. Come to think of it, maybe the purpose of all of our lives is to love and be loved. Of this I have no doubt … during the 85 days that Aulay was in the hospital, my ability to love grew infinitely greater.

Today I'm creating a client meeting and setting up more meetings for the rest of this week. Then I'm going to the grocery store and home to make dinner for the McZam family and Mr. B. The little prince is free at last!

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