Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Plans for Christmas

So many people decorated either before Thanksgiving or the weekend immediately after for Christmas. I'm behind in getting ready for Christmas and need to get on the ball. If I'm organized, maybe we can decorate on Sunday.

But first, I had to hold and give The Little Prince lots of hugs and kisses this afternoon. He was looking very much like a little man in his white hoodie. He is trying so hard to pull his head back when it is on my shoulder. It is so cute the way he pulls his head back and it bobbles until it's back on my shoulder. Rose was up on the couch looking at him, trying to figure out just where the noise is coming from … her little nubby tail wagging so fast.

Today I'm creating work on the computer. I never thought I would retire from working, but I'm more and more in the mood these days. Working with fewer and fewer clients doesn't bother me. It's clear to say that the focus of my life has changed.

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